September 2, 2014

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Brian Lutz running for Ky. State Represensative Print E-mail

Hello, I am Bryan Lutz and I am running to be your State Representative for the 78th District. I especially appreciate the chance to represent the people of Pendleton County.

I have lived in Kentucky all of my life and grew up the son of a coal miner, on our family farm, raising cattle, corn and hay, which taught me the value of a hard day’s work. I trained in the Vocational/Technical school system and started at Toyota Motor Mfg. KY in Georgetown KY, as a Tool & Die Maker. I have worked up through different levels of management and for several years, have been responsible for controlling budgets in the millions of dollars, staffing, and cost controls, in a highly competitive and fast paced industry. I am married to Melissa Lutz and have two children, Charmaine and Zachary. We live in Cynthiana Ky., and attend church at Leesburg Christian Church.

I am running for one reason: to do the right thing. My top three items on my platform are: (1)Bring the budget under control as KY is currently ranked 48th in budgeting, mainly due to the under funded pension system, (2)True tax reform where the tax burden is reduced and fair for all, (3)Creating long term jobs through incentives for businesses to open or expand putting people back to work. Pendleton County has had double digit unemployment for too long, so we have to make real job creation a priority.

My other main issues include: education: KY is ranked 33rd and we should direct the current education dollars to the classroom level. Protect our Second Amendment rights, Pro-Life: (I support fostering & adoption programs).  Support increased energy production using sources like coal, gas, and nuclear energy, and strengthen the barriers from encroaching federal government agencies such as the EPA, and the new healthcare program. I also want to implement term limits as the age of the career politician should be over.

My contact information is: phone: 859-379-5303     website: email:  Facebook: BryanLutz2012 mailing address:  117 Farmers Trail, Cynthiana KY  41031.

Thank you and God bless you and Kentucky!