August 29, 2014

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Stanley Love running for City Council Print E-mail

Greetings, my name is Stanley W. Love. Though most of our local citizens know me, I would like to take this opportunity, to reintroduce myself, as I ask whole heartedly for your vote.

I am seeking your vote for re-election in the upcoming Falmouth City Council elections. I have been married for the past 46 years to Violet May (Crail) Love of Dayton, Kentucky. Together we have raised seven children, and now, together we encourage, and mention our 20 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

I have always believed that every able body American citizens should do their part in preserving out greatest National treasure, which are the very freedoms that our great country was founded upon. It was for this deep love, and respect of our country, that I enlisted two full years in the United States Army, with one full year of duty in Vietnam, at the height of the Vietnam War.

It is with sincere appreciation, that I say, "Thank you," for allowing me to serve as your Falmouth City Councilman. I hope I have proved my loyalty to out fine city, and gained your personal trust in me, as I humbly ask to serve you, my town, for another term of two years, as your Falmouth City Councilman.

Together, with other leaders, and citizens of our fine community, we are striving to make Falmouth a safer and growing economical place for future generations. I believe I have grown in my knowledge of local government, and with the experience of two years under my belt. I am positive, that I can influence more social and economical growth of Falmouth Kentucky.

Since, you have allowed me to serve you as Falmouth City Council for the past two years; I will continue maintain my open door policy to answerer any and all governing questions.

I close this letter, as I have opened it. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, citizens of Falmouth as your City Councilman, and I will appreciate your vote in November.

God Bless you, God Bless our troops, and God Bless America.


Stanley W. Love,

City Councilman

Falmouth, Kentucky