September 3, 2014

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Teachers are asset builders and make a big difference

To teach is to touch a life forever. Teachers have the potential to be powerful asset builders. In addition to the Commitment-to-Learning assets (21–25), five other assets (3: Other Adult Relationships; 5: Caring School Climate; 8: Youth as Resources; 12: School Boundaries; and 14: Adult Role Models) focus on the important role of a teacher. Below are some suggestions for what teachers can do to build assets. These suggestions are intended to give you some ideas for how to get started. They may need to be modified or adapted depending on the grade you teach; whether you are a classroom teacher, specialist, or resource teacher; and the nature of your school environment.

Post the list of assets in your classroom.

Devote a bulletin board in your classroom to asset-building messages.

Plan asset-building learning activities as part of the curriculum (for example, service learning projects, social skills training or setting aside time to read for pleasure).

Greet students by name when you see them.