August 22, 2014

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Amish Cook 09-04

By: Lovina Eicher

It is a nice, sunny Thursday forenoon. So far nights have been cool which make for some nice sleeping weather. It has been getting chilly enough at night that most of our windows were closed and it was still comfortable in the house. Our thermometer showed 49 degrees Sunday morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had an early frost. With the drought we’ve had I can’t imagine that our canning jars will be filled like other years. I canned some more dill pickles and made three more gallons of freezer pickles. Since we hold church services at our house twice next spring I want to make sure we have plenty. We made some fresh pickles for sister Emma’s church services. I think my cucumbers have produced the most out of my garden. I have tomatoes but not like other years.  I have canned 32 quarts of tomato juice so far and one batch of salsa.  Today I have enough tomatoes to make more salsa. I canned 15-pints of Serrano peppers. Emma gave me the peppers because I was unable to get the Serrano plants this year. We do have banana and jalapeno peppers but I prefer Serrano for canning.