August 30, 2014

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Falmouth City Council discusses police issues

Trick or Treat is scheduled for October 27

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

Falmouth Police Chief Mark Posey announced the promotion of Officer J.P. Tucker to assistant police chief and Officer Roger Nowakowski to captain.

Chief Posey said that the Falmouth Police Department was prepared to create a  neighborhood watch program and asked interested citizens to contact him in regard to the matter.

After recommending that the police department hire an additional officer, councilman Jason Gregg, made a motion that the city begin the process of forming an eligible list of applicants. His motion received a second and a roll call vote was taken: Jason Gregg (Yes), Gary Askin-(Yes), Mary Ann Pittman-(Yes), Darryl Ammerman-(Yes) Stan Love-(No) and Ernie Richie-(No). Thus, the motion passed by a vote of four over two.

Mayor Mark Hart said that a representative from the Northern Kentucky Fire Fighters Association would attend council’s September meeting to discuss the organization’s Mutual and Automatic Assistance Contract.

"The association," said Mayor Hart, "could perform investigations that would determine if a fire had resulted from criminal behavior."