September 15, 2014

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Amish Cook 08-14

By: Lovina Eicher

The laundry looks dry on the wash line and is ready to come in and be folded.  Daughters Susan and Verena just came home from detasseling. They are always ready for a shower and getting cleaned up when they come home. I told them to go take a nap after they get cleaned up since they are home earlier today. The rest of the children are all taking a break and doing whatever they want because they worked hard this morning.  Before noon they dug up all of our red potatoes in the garden.  The boys picked my tomatoes and cucumbers.  They brought in 17.5 gallons using five gallon buckets full of cucumbers.  I will probably have enough pickles to last quite awhile after working all of those up.  And  I now think I have enough tomatoes to make a batch of homemade thick and chunky salsa.  It takes 14 pounds to make a batch of it.  It will be good to have our own again.