August 23, 2014

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More on the lives of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence

Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were educated in private schools such as George

Read, who was born on his families' farm in Cecil County, Maryland on September 18, 1733. He attended a school in Chester, Pennsylvania then the Philadelphia Academy under Doctor Allison at New London. At fifteen he graduated and proceeded to study law at the office of John Moland in Philadelphia. He was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar in 1753. The following year he moved to New Castle Delaware to establish a new practice.

In Delaware, Read established quite a reputation and in time was appointed attorney general to three Delaware counties, an office he held until he was elected to the first Continental Congress in 1774. In 1764, the period leading up to the stamp act protests, Read had joined the Delaware Committee of Correspondence and was active in the patriot movement. At the Continental Congress he found Lee's Resolution for independence to be too hasty and voted against it. When it was adopted, however, he joined the majority in working toward independence.