August 20, 2014

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Second edition of "The county poor house" with local residents

Beatrice Meyer Bishop and Stanley Bishop in their home on 7/19/12. Note the picture between them on the wall.

By Owen and Janice Collins

Recently I wrote about Carol and Wilma Wolfe and their memories of living and working at the County Poor House from 1939---1944 and from 1949---1954. This edition will feature Stanley Bishop and the years 1928---1938.

I asked David Pribble to go with me to interview Mr. Bishop, and he gladly assented, saying that he and Stanley had always gotten along well with each other.

David Pribble and Stanley Bishop with Stanley's farm on the South Fork of the Licking in the background.

We drove out Hayes Station Road thru the picturesque farms that were growing abundant corn, soybeans, and tobacco. Some of the best farms in Pendleton County! He showed me the acreage where the old Infirmary was located, now privately owned. “Very fertile!” he said.