September 1, 2014

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Falmouth Council discusses downtown security issue

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

The Falmouth City Council met in special session on July 18, 2012. Two items were on the agenda: a fire protection contract and a police activity report from Chief, Mark Posey.

By a unanimous roll call vote the lawmakers passed a resolution that approved a fire protection contract providing service from the Falmouth Fire Department to the unincorporated part of the county outside the city limits of Butler previously served by the Butler Fire Department.

Falmouth City Attorney Henry (Skip) Watson III read the Kentucky Policeman’s Bill of Rights to the gathering. It stated that no complaint was to be made against any individual police officer in an open forum. Such a complaint, it said, must be made under oath and in writing.

Falmouth Police Chief Mark Posey had very recently provided council members with a written report detailing police activity. He explained the nature of the paperwork involved with each crime the Falmouth Police Department investigates. He discussed the time consumption required.

Several citizens from the downtown business community were in attendance at the council meeting and expressed their concerns regarding crime prevention and negative situations currently existing in the city’s heart. Crude language, drug trafficking, inappropriate and offensive dress, breaking and entering, arson, attempted murder and robbery were on the list of things that the citizens wanted brought under control and eradicated.