August 27, 2014

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PCEF presents check to Northern

Pendleton County Education Foundation Director Linda Thornton presents a Character Education check to Northern Elementary's principal Daryl Pugh.

Northern Elementary School recognizes all students with birthday recognitions. Each morning, birthday students hear their names announced on the intercom and they come to the office to receive a birthday pencil.

Northern wants every student to feel special and believe that this attributes to their self-esteem. Saturday birthdays are recognized on Friday and Sunday birthdays on Monday morning.

They also recognize any birthdays through July during the last two weeks in May and catch up the August birthdays when school resumes the following school year.

The Pendleton County Education covers the cost of the pencils through the Character Education grant.

Mrs. Linda Thornton attended Northern Elementary’s faculty meeting to present Mr. Daryl Pugh with a check for $300.