August 20, 2014

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Countdown frame Print E-mail

Craft idea by: Tiffany Judd

Anyone who has or has been around children have experienced the “are we there yet” question during a car ride. In the same impatient excitement children often ask “how long till...” when a holiday is nearing. Tiffany Judd, a contributor  to Lemon Tree Creations, came up with an easy and fun idea to help count down to holidays, birthdays and any special day that a family might celebrate.

First, you start with a 4x6 frame. Then find a paint to cover the frame with. Below Tiffany chose DecoArt’s All-Purpose Acrylic Paint in Spa Blue. After the frame is painted thoroughly you can sand down the edges so that the original paint shows through and the frame has a bit of an aged look to it.

Tiffany used some wonderful flash cards that were gifted to her by her sister from Pretty Little Studio ( and there are exactly 31 cards so it makes for an easy month countdown. However, if you have another set, of course those can be used as well.

For those who scrapbook or other various forms of crafting you might have a collection of papers to offer a background to use in place of a full size 4x7 picture. This paper can also be changed with each countdown as desired. Using the glass from the frame is a great way to help cut the pattern paper to size.

Once the paper has been trimmed take a clothes pin and super glue it about an inch from the top to hold the card. A silver label holder attached with brads at the sides about an inch from the bottom allows for a label to read “BIRTHDAY” or “VALENTINE’S DAY” so that everyone knows what the countdown is for.

Tiffany used an old mesh jewelry bag and attached it to the back of the frame to have easy storage for the cards.

Assemble all the pieces in the frame and put up your first card to start counting down. This is also a great practice with numbers for young children. Maybe next year you’ll have your own countdown frame working towards Valentine’s Day!

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