September 1, 2014

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Falmouth City Council sets 2011-2012 tax rate Print E-mail

Jimmy Taylor and Tim Adkins become Kentucky Colonels

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

The Falmouth City Council voted to take the Compensating Rate for 2011-2012 personal property tax, which means the new tax will remain near the level of the 2010-2011 tax rate. Mayor Hart said that times were difficult and that the city should not unnecessarily burden its citizens. The rate was set by roll call vote: Ernie Richie, no;, Stan Love, no; Darryl Ammerman, yes; Mary Ann Pittman, yes; Gary Askin, no; and Jason Gregg, yes. Mayor Mark Hart broke the tie by voting yes. The council voted unanimously in favor of keeping the tangible and motor vehicle tax exactly the same as it was last year.

Falmouth Mayor Mark Hart awarded a Kentucky Colonelship to Jimmy Taylor based on his long time service to the Pendleton County Fire Departments. Mr. Taylor has served on all three county departments: Falmouth, Butler and Northern Pendleton. He has continuously served for 48 years. Jimmy Taylor is also a member of the Pendleton County Search and Rescue Squad.

Mayor Hart awarded a Kentucky Colonelship to Tim Adkins based on the time and effort he has volunteered to the Falmouth Police Department and the Pendleton County Search and Rescue Squad.

Other business conducted by the Falmouth City Council in the September 13, 2011 meeting:

• Citizens who reside on Sycamore Street addressed the council regarding water run off problems, which seem to have grown worse since the construction of the new Judicial Center. Mayor Hart said he would contract GRW Engineers to evaluate the problem and they would report back to the residents.

• Former Mayor April DeFalco addressed the council regarding sidewalks and city festival issues.

• The Recreational Commission and the Southern Elementary Principal had written the city requesting that speed bumps be laid down on the road near the school and by the Pendleton Athletic Park. Mayor Hart stated that this was not a good idea because snow removal would become a nightmare. Falmouth Police Chief, Mark Posey, suggested that portable or removable speed bumps be used instead. The city will investigate this possibility as an option.

• The council discussed the Capon Building (Pizza Factory), which has been an eyesore for a long, long time in downtown Falmouth. An ordinance to triple property taxes on such dilapidated and abandoned structures was enthusiastically considered and will be researched.