September 15, 2014

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Blighted properties could be charged higher property tax Print E-mail

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

City Attorney, Henry (Skip) Watson III, reported the following to the Falmouth City Council: Falmouth is legally responsible for the portable speed bumps recommended to the recreation commission for use in the athletic park. Watson said that he would contact the Pendleton Solid Waste Coordinator, Fred Edwards, in order to research an ordinance amendment that will enable Falmouth to provide roll-off dumpster services to city citizen. Watson also told the council that blighted properties were subject to increased property taxes that should encourage upgrades by the owners.

Other business conducted by the Falmouth City Council in the October 18, 2011 meeting:

• Approved a motion to install a stop sign at the intersection of Second and Chapel Streets.

• Mayor Mark Hart said he would discuss the repair of Chapel Street sidewalks with the city’s maintenance supervisor.

• Approved the sole bid to relocate electrical lines on the Falmouth/Shoemakertown Bridge.

• Discussed the creation of a city snow emergency plan.

• Talked about the construction of a shelter to house the city’s road salt.

Councilman Darryl Ammerman recommended the use of traffic cones to reduce the athletic park road to a single lane at a certain place in order to slow the speed of traffic.

• Mayor Hart said that within the next three weeks GRW engineers will evaluate the water run off problem on Sycamore and Monroe Streets.

• Formed a committee to study the city’s stray cat problem.

• Directed the City Attorney to draft a letter addressed to the Ambulance District Taxing Board, informing them that the city will no longer require the ambulance to automatically accompany fire runs. Instead, the volunteer fire department will request ambulance assistance through the dispatcher when appropriate.

• Mayor Hart said the sale of the Jaycee Building was being discussed with the individual who is currently renting the property.

• Mayor Hart discussed his trip to Falmouth, England with the council. He said the ministers in Falmouth, England were interested in a cultural exchange with the ministers of Falmouth, Kentucky. Also, the Falmouth, England Chamber of Commerce would like to participate in a similar exchange involving the two business communities.